Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dear Fellow Monarchists,

First of all, I am an American, born and raised in a country with republican roots. Strange as it might seem; I happen to be a devout supporter of monarchies which for an American is quite a unique record breaker, especially for someone who is born in the southwestern United States. Portugal has a wonderful history and I am a happy supporter for HRH Duarte Pio! Like monarchists in Portugal, I hope for Portugal to have a constitutional monarchy with the crown as the symbol of the nation, its people, culture, traditions, and most of all democracy. It is possible that it could happen with the example of the Iberian neighbor to Portugal’s east, Spain. Like Spain, Portugal has a maritime history too. She has colonized the Americas and started trade with the East Indies; the first European missionaries in India were Portuguese on the colony of Goa. Among many things, Portugal under her kings has developed a world of art, discovery, spreading of faith to other lands as well as in the country itself.I am willing to support Duarte Pio; he is a great champion for progress for Portugal. He would be a great king of a democratic Portugal. I desire that one day he would be a father of the nation of the newly restored kingdom and that hope will be born under his reign as constitutional monarch. In order for that to happen, one must be willing to act! The republicans acted with their desires to get what they wanted, now it is time to act. I am willing to help the cause by rallying Portuguese monarchists in the USA. I feel with contacts in my area or in proximity in my area, I could build a base to help spread the word. I ask fellow monarchists to help me on my quest to find supporters of Dom Duarte Pio in the southwest USA. Please spread the news about me and once I get an organized base, I shall be able to help.


Morgan Hinton